Personified Systems Blog Archive

The following blog postings have appeared only in the version of my Personified Systems blog, and are now being archived through links on this page.

From this point on, my blog postings became duplicates of, or pointers to, my articles in the Personified Systems publication on Additionally, my blog the served as the basis for my Sabbatical report, which is available in either PDF or ePub/iBooks format

“AI in the News” installments

My friend and colleague Earl Wajenberg has been kind enough to grace, first, my blog and then the Personified Systems publication on Medium, with a series of “AI in the News” articles. The first 16 appeared only in the blog, and then gradually shifted to the publication. The following installments appeared only in the blog:

At this point, “AI in the News” moved to the Personified Systems publication on