About Me


My formal education is in philosophy and social psychology. While I was in school, I developed an interest in computers, and since my school, Hiram College, didn’t have a CS department, I helped to build one, and taught a couple of courses. After that, I spent a year or two hacking the ARPAnet, and computers at Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Tufts.

That got me a job offer which led to twenty years at Digital Equipment Corp, ten at Gemstar/TV Guide, and another ten in various startups and small ventures culminating in two and a half years as VP of Engineering and Advanced Development at Silent Circle. During my career, I've worked in pure and applied software human factors research, advanced and product development, support, IT and operations.

Jim Burrows résumé in PDF format

I've researched, designed and developed cryptographically secure communications systems, mobile and web applications, mail systems, text editors, networks, user interfaces, and databases, among others.