AI in the News - #14

February 25, 2016 | Earl Wajenberg

The State of Self-Driving Cars (NPR)

This radio spot is a quick but pretty comprehensive overview of where self-driving cars now stand in society.

Touring Machine  (

Emily Fitzgerald of Boston University has developed a self-teaching, self-steering robot, a two-foot turret that wanders about the floor, visually recognizes objects, then describes them verbally.

Four Legs Good, Two Legs Better  (Forbes)

Boston Dynamics is the company that tried to develop robot pack mules for the Army.  (The Army ultimately turned them down.)  Boston Dynamice has come back with Atlas, a (vaguely) humanoid robot that walks on two legs, strenuously resists being tripped up, climbs to its feet if it falls, navigates rough ground, and can pick up and stack boxes.  See the video.