AI in the News - #2

November 11, 2015 | Earl Wajenberg

Driverless Ownerless Cars (

Self-driving cars will be expensive. Why own one if you can hire it, Uber-style, but without the driver?

No Common Sense (Science News)

In medieval philosophy, "common sense" was not elementary smarts, but the ability to combine the inputs from all five senses into one unified and coordinated experience.  Turns out we're not born that way.  Babies under four months old do not coordinate their experiences of touch and sight.  What has this to do with AI?  As Jim pointed out in a recent paper, any serious AI will have to have or develop this "common sense".

TensorFlow Goes Open Source (Wired)

More immediately involved in AI, Google has made TensorFlow open source. TensorFlow is the engine behind OK Google, their photo search features, and so on.  It also has its own web site,